Financial Education

Access to Financial Education can help individuals make well-informed decisions before they spend their money. In the current economic crisis, it is imperative that financial management opportunities for Delaware residents be easily accessible. The objective of Nehemiah Gateway’s Financial Education program is to educate low-moderate income individuals on the importance of effective money management and maintaining good credit. Our focus is credit building and debt reduction. We work one-on-one to assist individuals in developing and following a budget, increasing their credit scores and decreasing their debt. For further assistance, Nehemiah gateway collaborates with other partners, some of which include the following:

Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council (DCRAC) – Money Matters (Financial Fitness)!—the signature financial education program since 1995 designed to position clients for a better financial future. The focus is on “smart borrowing.”

Delaware Financial Literacy Institute – Helps the people of Delaware take charge of their finances through the Money School (workshop topics that include debt management, investments, retirement, etc.), From Purses to Portfolio and Bank at School.

Smarty Pig – Smarty Pig makes it easier than ever to experience the personal satisfaction and financial rewards that come from systematically saving for specific purchases. SmartyPig even enhances your savings with cash back savings that make your money go further! Best of all: it’s completely FREE. No fees. No catches. No “buying clubs.” It’s an FDIC-insured savings account – and so much more.

FREE Credit Score – Credit Karma offers a new way to track your credit score and a unique way to benefit from it. A credit score is one of the most important components of a consumer’s financial profile. We believe free access to one’s credit score is a fundamental consumer right.

National Endowment for Financial Education -
With more than a quarter-century of dedication to the public good, NEFE continues its legacy of service with commitment to providing financial education and practical information to people at all financial levels, including:
  • Youth and adult financial education resources
  • Training tools from the classroom to the workplace
  • Research and consumer surveys
Money choices – Practical Money Skills… For Life. If you’re committed to working towards financial success, these private self-paced courses can help you learn the skills you need for smart money management. This educational program is sponsored by Visa.

Stand By Me
– Whether you want to save money to buy a new car, take your family on a vacation, send your kids to college, or just pay your bills on time, we understand your frustration. Peace of mind is real, so is lower stress, fewer worries and taking control of your financial future. We offer Free one-on-one help.

No hidden fees or agendas, our coaches are your neighbors, and we are committed to your success and future.

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