Small Business Services (VIP)

“Small Business Support Services for your business”
To build on the organization’s Earned Income Tax Credit Campaign (EITC) Campaign, and previous experience working exclusively with child care providers, NGCDC has launched a Virtual Incubator Program (VIP) which offers support services to a broader range of small business owners.

The VIP initiative offers a tailored, group and individual training approach to grow and launch a small business. The purpose of the program is to guide the entrepreneur through a process that has been shown to work among small business practitioners, and teach them the business fundamentals they need to be successful. Beyond the training, the relationship with VIP does not end at a specific point, as ongoing support services and networking increase the client’s connection with the organization, rather than setting a specific endpoint to each engagement. Services include the following:
  • Business Tax Preparation through the Delaware Tax & Financial Services Campaign!
  • Assistance with getting your business organized so that you are prepared at tax time to maximize the rewards of owning a business!
  • Access to Micro-loans to make purchases for your business and other financial services!
  • Business Advisory Services & Workshops to help you manage your business!
  • Individual Counseling for personal financial fitness!
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