Tax Preparation

2021 Tax Season EXTENDED from June 15th to November 18th
Delaware Tax and Financial Services Campaign
Free Federal and State tax returns are completed for taxpayers who meet the following income guidelines:
Taxpayers with Household Income
at $57,000 or less with dependent(s)
at $38,000 or less without dependents
file a tax return if you have
no taxable income but did NOT receive stimulus payments
Our tax prep is – FREE & PROFESSIONAL – a winning combination!
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Returns are typically electronically filed within 24-48 hours, so refunds can be received in as little as 10-14 days with no reduction of the amount refunded for fees, loans or interest charges. In addition, we can open a deposit/savings account, savings bond or convenient cash card on the spot, so you receive your refund as quickly as possible!
Save some now…spend later!
Tax payers can save a portion of their refund immediately by purchasing a savings bond or opening a savings account with a credit union while at the tax site. This way, 100% of the refund and credit is yours.

With many locations statewide, our tax sites are managed by experienced staff who will see that your return is correct and submitted promptly. They will review your return, answer questions and ensure that you receive the best service available. Our tax preparers are all IRS trained volunteers ready to assist and knowledgeable regarding the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Education Credit and other deductions.

FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS…. For more information, go to Small Business Services program


If you make $72,000 or less, go to:   

If you make $66,000 or less, go to:

If you make $63,000 or less, go to:

If you make $39,000 or less, go to:

Please find below some frequently asked questions about Tax Preparation:
There are many ways to help, we welcome all types of volunteers, ages 16 and up. See our Volunteer Job Descriptions for more information.
There are many sites throughout the state of Delaware. Please see the EITC Campaign tab for more information.
Families that qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) receive substantial refunds that can increase the household income by as much as 35%. In fact, the EITC brings more children out of poverty each year than any other federal program.
See the tab Free Tax Preparation tab
You must bring either an original social security card or letter from the Social Security Administration showing your card number for everyone listed on the tax return. Copies or other documents with your social security number will not be accepted. You must also bring a picture ID for yourself and your spouse if filing 'married filing joint'.
It's easy! While you are having your tax return prepared, you can also open a savings account or a debit card account and have your refund deposited to your new account. Ask for more information at the tax site.
Businesses with $5000 or more in expenses need to make an appointment to have their returns completed by someone trained in small business tax preparation (Schedule C). Please call DE 211 and give them your contact information so we can schedule an appointment to review your information and prepare your return.
The first thing you do is check on the IRS website "Where's My Refund' to check the status of your return. If it indicates that your return has not been received, then go back to the tax site where the return was originally prepared and speak with the Site Manager. They can check to make sure your return was successfully e-filed.
The tax sites are busiest in January and February and then again the week before the filing deadline (generally April 15). If you cannot wait you can 1.) come back in March when the tax sites are not as busy, or 2.) participate in our tax return 'drop-off' program. You would complete all the intake forms that would then be reviewed by a tax preparer and leave your paperwork so the return can be completed during the week. You would return to the tax site on the same day the following week to review, sign and pick up your paperwork as instructed by the site staff. Your files would be maintained in a secure location. Every tax site has file cabinets that are kept locked away for safe keeping. The safety of your tax documents is very important to us!
Yes! In addition to having your tax return prepared and opening a new savings or deposit account, you can also obtain your credit report and credit score, start preparing a personal budget, review information about additional services available in DE, learn more about Wilmington's new Stepping Stones federal credit union or obtain a referral to several other programs that specialize in financial education and planning. If you have a small business, we can assist with building a budget, writing a proposal or business plan and accessing small loans available through a partner organization,. It's simple, all you need to do is ask! You can also click here to fill out a Referral/Inquiry request form

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