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EITC Campaign

Delaware EITC Campaign
The Delaware EITC Campaign offers free individual and small business tax preparation year-round at many locations statewide! The tax sites are located at non-profit or faith-based organizations . Federal and state tax returns are prepared by trained, friendly volunteer tax preparers that help workers claim the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, and other credits and deductions.
Each site is managed by a tax professional, prepared to answer volunteer questions, ensure quality, and manage overall site operations. In addition, we assist clients with identifying other financial services and products offered through our organization, or other reputable organizations such as ourselves.
The program relies on our ability to find and train over 400 volunteers each year. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, go to the Volunteer page.
Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
The federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is credited with bringing more children out of poverty each year than any other federal program. The EITC not only reduces the tax burden on low-income workers, but it also supplements wages, and assists people in making the crucial transition from welfare to work. Created by Congress in 1975, the federal Earned Income Tax Credit, or EITC, provides a lump-sum cash refund to low-wage working individuals and families.
The EITC is also the largest federal income subsidy program targeting the working poor. Refunds are re-invested into local communities as workers use the funds to make ends meet, invest in home ownership, education, small business, or other important assets that can change their lives. The clients also use refunds to open savings and debit card accounts, and purchase U.S. savings bonds for longer term financial needs. What distinguishes the EITC from other federal income support programs is that eligibility is based on a pre-requisite of employment, making work pay for workers in entry-level positions. Although the EITC provides major financial benefits to the working poor, the fact remains that as many as 18 - 25% of eligible taxpayers do not claim the credit.

Free Tax Preparation


Delaware Tax and Financial Services Campaign

Free Federal and State tax returns are completed for taxpayers who meet the following income guidelines::

  • household income does not exceed:$57,000 annually and the return will include dependents, or
  •  household income does not exceed $38,000 annually and there are no dependents.
  • small business owners with approximate gross receipts of $85,000 or less
Returns are electronically filed within 24 hours so refunds can be received in as little as 10 -14 days with no reduction of the amount refunded for fees, loans or interest charges.  In addition, we can open a deposit/savings account , savings bond or convenient cash card on the spot, so you receive your refund as quickly as possible!
We serve our individual tax return clients on a first come, first served basis.  You will need to bring:
  • Picture ID for client and spouse, as well as Social Security cards* for everyone listed on the tax return  
  • W-2's and 1099's from your employer (no pay stubs accepted)
  • List or documentation of other income/expenses, including mortgage interest and property taxes paid during the year
  • Childcare information to include the Providers ID and receipts for amounts paid
  • For direct deposit to an existing account, a blank check or account ID card with the account number and routing number information
  • 1095 - A/B/C Proof of Health Insurance Coverage
  • 1098 for student loan, mortgage interest information
  • 1099's for interest or dividends received, unemployment compensation, pension or other type of income
  • Copy of prior year tax return (optional)
* no copies of social security card will be accepted, must have either an original card or letter from the Social Security Adminsiration including the SSN
Our tax prep is - FREE, PROFESSIONAL & FAST - a winning combination!
Save some now...spend later!
Tax payers can save a portion of their refund immediately by purchasing a savings bond or opening a savings account with a local bank while at the tax site. This way, 100% of the refund and credit is yours.
With many locations statewide, our tax sites are managed by experienced staff who will see that your return is correct and submitted promptly.  They will review your return, answer questions and ensure that you receive the best service available.  Our tax preparers are all IRS trained volunteers ready to assist and knowledgeable regarding the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Education Credit and other deductions.
FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS.... we have a special program designed just for you!  Our VIP small business tax service is tailored to the needs of the small business owner. For more information, go to Small Business Services program 
 PLEASE Contact DELAWARE 2-1-1 (Dial 2-1-1)
or 800-560-3372 
for Tax Site Information - locations and Hours.

Community Referrals

Since the early years of Nehemiah Gateway programming, financial education and information has been integrated within all of the organizational services, including the tax services. In areas where we do not necessarily offer assistance, we collaborate with a host of other community organizations to make referrals for resources you may need or want which include the following:
  • State Benefits
  • Money Management Workshops
  • Foreclosure Prevention
  • Financial Fitness Series
  • Job Skills Training
  • Savings Program
  • Tax Problems with the IRS
  • Financial Coaching
  • Affordable Housing
  • Banking (Credit Unions & Traditional Financial Institutions)
  • Retirement Planning
If you are interested in any of these services, please submit a “Referral Form” to us in the “Contact Us” section.
During tax season, NGCDC provides each customer with a Client Resource Booklet offering information on a wide variety of topics related to financial products & services, credit & money management, information about state & community services and other resources in the local area.
If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the Client Resource Booklet, please submit a request to us in the “Contact Us” section.

Small Business Services (VIP)

“Small Business Support Services for your business”
To build on the organization’s Earned Income Tax Credit Campaign (EITC) Campaign, and previous experience working exclusively with child care providers, NGCDC has launched a Virtual Incubator Program (VIP) which offers support services to a broader range of small business owners.
The VIP initiative offers a tailored, group and individual training approach to grow and launch a small business. The purpose of the program is to guide the entrepreneur through a process that has been shown to work among small business practitioners, and teach them the business fundamentals they need to be successful. Beyond the training, the relationship with VIP does not end at a specific point, as ongoing support services and networking increase the client's connection with the organization, rather than setting a specific endpoint to each engagement. Services include the following:
  •  Business Tax Preparation through the Delaware Tax & Financial Services Campaign!
  • Assistance with getting your business organized so that you are prepared at tax time to maximize the rewards of owning a business!
  • Access to Micro-loans to make purchases for your business and other financial services!
  • Business Advisory Services & Workshops to help you manage your business!
  • Individual Counseling for personal financial fitness!
VISIT THE VIP WEB SITE for more information:

Financial Education

Access to Financial Education can help individuals make well-informed decisions before they spend their money. In the current economic crisis it is imperative that financial management opportunities for Delaware residents be easily accessible. The objective of Nehemiah Gateway’s Financial Education program is to educate low-moderate income individuals on the importance of effective money management and maintaining good credit. Our focus is credit building and debt reduction. We work one-on-one to assist individuals in developing and following a budget, increasing their credit scores and decreasing their debt. For further assistance, Nehemiah Gateway collaborates with other partners, some of which include the following:
Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council (DCRAC) - Money Matters (Financial Fitness)!—the signature financial education program since 1995 designed to position clients for a better financial future. The focus is on “smart borrowing.”
Delaware Financial Literacy Institute - Helps the people of Delaware take charge of their finances through the Money School (workshop topics that include debt management, investments, retirement, etc.), From Purses to Portfolio and Bank at School. 
Smarty Pig - Smarty Pig makes it easier than ever to experience the personal satisfaction and financial rewards that come from systematically saving for specific purchases. SmartyPig even enhances your savings with cash back savings that make your money go further! Best of all: it’s completely FREE. No fees. No catches. No “buying clubs.” It’s an FDIC-insured savings account — and so much more.
FREE Credit Score - Credit Karma offers a new way to track your credit score and a unique way to benefit from it. A credit score is one of the most important components of a consumer's financial profile. We believe free access to one's credit score is a fundamental consumer right.
National Endowment for Financial Education -
With more than a quarter-century of dedication to the public good, NEFE continues its legacy of service with commitment to providing financial education and practical information to people at all financial levels, including:
  • Youth and adult financial education resources
  • Training tools from the classroom to the workplace
  • Research and consumer surveys
Money Choices - Practical Money Skills… For Life. If you're committed to working towards financial success, these private self-paced courses can help you learn the skills you need for smart money management. This educational program is sponsored by Visa.

Stand By Me - Whether you want to save money to buy a new car, take your family on a vacation, send your kids to college, or just pay your bills on time, we understand your frustration.  Peace of mind is real, so is lower stress, fewer worries and taking control of your financial future.  We offer Free one-on-one help.

No hidden fees or agendas, our coaches are your neighbors, and we are committed to your success and future.

For further information contact any of our partner organizations by clicking on the links below:


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Credit counseling and considering Bankruptcy Click here for more info.
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Identity Theft Click here for more info.
Delaware Financial Literacy Institute Click here for more info.
Delaware State Prosperity Portals to Financial Education Click here for more info.
Smarty Pig Click here for more info.
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$tand By MeĀ® Financial Coach